A4 inkjet printed perovskite solar cell demonstration in the US

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By Nick Flaherty

The ultralight and ultrathin module will be capable of charging small electronic devices and marks a significant advance for both the size of a cell and perovskite technology. The company is planning production of cells with an energy density of 100W/m2 next year.

“Some industries of our interest require the modules to be large enough to make the application commercially viable. Scaling the size up is crucial especially when thinking about construction and space industry. The progress we reported so far is sufficient to let us sign the first cooperation agreements with future clients,” said Piotr Krych, CEO & co-founder at Saule Technologies in Poland.

Saule was one of the first companies to focus on perovskite materials with inkjet printing. The perovskite cells production process is carried out at temperatures ranging from room temperature for printing at a maximum temperature of 120ºC.

It is currently working with the Polish National Centre for Research and Development on a lab-scale production line. A prototype industry-scale production line is set to launch in the third quarter of 2018. 

The company is one of the LaunchPad winners at the IDtechEx show in California.

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