65-V synchronous step-down converter for industrial, smart grid, automotive

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As part of TI’s “Fly-Buck” power portfolio, the LM5160A improves power density and addresses higher power needs more efficiently and reliably in industrial and automotive applications. The converter features a constant on-time control that requires no loop compensation and supports high step-down ratios with fast transient response. It supports a wide-input voltage of 4.5V to 65V, and can generate positive and negative bias-supply rails in non-isolated designs, or single and multiple isolated outputs, while minimising solution size and simplifying the design compared to traditional flyback solutions.

The 4.5- to 65-V input voltage range allows the converter to efficiently operate in harsh transient conditions without the need for input clamp circuits, resulting in higher reliability. Constant on-time control provides fast transient response and results in lower component count. Programmable soft start reduces in-rush currents when powering up into heavy loads or large capacitance. Internal ±1% voltage reference and VOUT error correction improve accuracy across line, load and temperature.

TI has back-up materials on its Fly-Buck conversion products that include a video and download page.

The LM5160A is priced at $1.80 (1000).



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