60V voltage detector for 48V automotive battery applications

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By Nick Flaherty

Designed for use in automotive applications powered by a new 48V battery system, the R3160 can be used in conventional internal combustion automobiles, as well as hybrid electric and mild hybrid vehicles

A voltage detector usually supervises the supply voltage of an application processor, both sharing the same LDO power supply. However, the voltage detector will fail to operate or become unstable in case of a slow start-up or failure of this power supply. The R3160 has a significant advantage since it has an embedded voltage regulator and powered directly from automotive batteries, independent from the processor’s power supply. This provides a more secure supervision level. In addition, the independent sense pin makes the voltage detector
more flexible to monitor a voltage elsewhere in the circuit.

The built-in voltage regulator stabilizes any fluctuation of a car battery, even during a cranking condition. The R3160 monitors the processor’s supply voltage with high accuracy, thus detecting an operation failure of the system at an early stage, and the current consumption of the R3160 is only 1.8 µA.

An external capacitor sets the release delay time in order to specify a certain minimum reset pulse duration, while the output has an N-Channel open drain type and one can select from a product version with active high or low output signal.

A robust SOT-23- 6 package and special pin layout is used to prevent any damage to the chip in case a short circuit occurs between adjacent pins. Product versions are available for automotive (AEC-Q100 compliant soon) as well as for industrial and consumer quality applications.

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