600W, 250V RF power transistors for class E PSUs, induction heating

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STAC250V2-500E has load-mismatch capability of 20:1, claimed as the highest in the industry, for enhanced safety up to the maximum power of 600W. The 0.55 x 1.35-in. STAC air-cavity package is under half the size of alternative devices in conventional ceramic packages. Two STAC250V2-500E transistors used together occupy a similar area to that of a single ceramic transistor, enabling compact power supplies above 1 kW. 25% lower thermal resistance of the air-cavity package helps boost reliability.

These advantages of the STAC250V2-500E ensure performance in applications such as induction heaters, and plasma-enhanced vapour-deposition systems. The STAC250V2-500E is produced using ST’s high-voltage SuperDMOS technology, and has a maximum operating voltage of 250V. The breakdown voltage of over 900V ensures ruggedness in class-E inductive resonant circuits or other applications such as class-D power amplifiers. In the STAC177 package, the devices are priced from $66.00 (1,000).



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