6.5 kV SiC module achieves world’s highest power density

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By Nick Flaherty

The power density of 9.3 kVA/cm3 is is made made possible though an integrated MOSFET and diode on single chip, fill SiC IGBT and newly developed package and is the highest among power semiconductor modules rated from 1.7 kV to 6.5 kV, up 80% on the previous silicon module.

A new insulating substrate capable of high thermal conductivity and high heat tolerance has been developed with four material manufacturers, DOWA Electronics Materials, Mitsubishi Materials, Denka, and Japan Fine Ceramics. The device bonding to the substrate is achieved with Mitsubishi Electric’s own technology.

The development also involved researchers at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Shibaura Institute of Technology, and Kyushu Institute of Technology, as well as the Japanese National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, and Mitsubishi has filed nine Japanese patents on the technology and three international ones as a result.

Replacing silicon IGBT modules with full-SiC modules substantially reduces switching loss by two thirds and the operating frequency can be increased by a factor of four to allow smaller peripheral components, leading to more compact equipment.

The new full-SiC power module will be compatible with Mitsubishi Electric’s HV100 series silicon IGBT modules and the company expects the module to lead to smaller and more energy-efficient power equipment for high-voltage railway systems and electric power systems.



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