480W power supply with easy diagnostics and automation setup

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By Nick Flaherty

Siemens is expanding its modular Sitop power supply system for industrial automation with a single-phase 480W basic unit.

The PSU8600 has four integrated monitored outputs with a total of 24V DC at 5A per output. Each output is flexible and can be set during operation in a range between 4 and 28V either manually or remotely via software. This eliminates the need for additional power supply units to supply five or twelve volt loads.

The CNX8600 expansion module can be used to monitor up to 36 total outputs. Integration into the TIA (Totally Integrated Automation) Portal engineering framework allows fast implementation into automation networks. The Sitop Manager also provides easy parameterization and diagnostics.

Comprehensive diagnostic and maintenance information are also available via the two integrated Ethernet/Profinet interfaces and via OPC UA, and can be evaluated directly in the automation systems. This means that errors can be located quickly and reduces downtime. 

The BUF8600 buffer module or the UPS8600 interruptible power supply module with the BAT8600 battery modules covers mains failures and the comprehensive monitoring and diagnostics functions reduce errors caused, for example, through the overheating or overload of one of the outputs.

With the integrated web server and OPC UA server, remote diagnostics and third-party communication are well supported. Integration into the TIA Portal or Step7 for network integration and device parameterization ensures that engineering is particularly simple.

Step7 application programs feature for example function blocks for Simatic S7-300/-400/-1200/-1500. Simatic WinCC Faceplates can be used for integration into the Simatic PCS 7 process control system via the Sitop library. The user also benefits from reliable support for energy management thanks to the individual acquisition of current and voltage for each output and the targeted activation and deactivation of outputs via Profienergy.



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