40V MOSFETs add double-sided cooling

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By Nick Flaherty

The TPWR7940PB is a 40V max 0.79mΩ MOSFET in the DSOP Advance(WF)L package while the TPW1R104PB is a 40V MOSFET with RDS(on) of 1.14mΩ in the DSOP Advance(WF)M package. Both devices are based upon the latest trench structure U-MOSIX-H process and are AEC-Q101 qualified. They target automotive applications such as load switches and electric pumps.

Both DSOP Advance (WF)M and DSOP Advance (WF)L are 5mm x 6mm packages with 8 pins but differ in their exposed surface area of the top metal plate. The top exposed area is about 8mm2 in DSOP Advance(WF)M and about 12mm2 in DSOP Advance (WF)L. Measured in Toshiba’s test environment, the maximum channel-to-top-plate thermal impedance is 1.5K/W for the TPW1R104PB and 0.93K/W for TPWR7940PB. The thermal performance is achieved by attaching the top exposed area to a heatsink (such as a metal frame) via an insulating layer.

The DSOP Advance (WF)M and DSOP Advance (WF)L packages are footprint-compatible with an SOP Advance (WF) package that has no exposed top metal area. The DSOP Advance (WF)M and DSOP Advance (WF)L packages employ a wettable flank terminal structure that enables AOI(Automated Optical Inspection) of solder joints on PCBs. AOI is especially important in automotive applications where verification of soldering quality is required.

Both TPWR7940PB and TPW1R104PB are available now.


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