3D printed solid state battery startup sees strategic Japanese deal

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By Nick Flaherty

US startup Keracel has signed a strategic partnership with Musashi Seimitsu Industry in Japan who will use its 3D printed solid state battery technology in electric motorcycles.

Solid state battery technology is expected as next generation power storage device and Santa Clara-based KeraCel says its 3D printing technology produces safe, low cost, compact and flexible solid state batteries for half the cost of other technologies or twice the energy density. The company is planning to commercialize these technologies and products in the ‘near future’.

“We are excited to explore the technological innovation for solid state batteries together with KeraCel” said Hiroshi Otsuka, President and CEO of Musashi Group. The long term strategic partnership with KeraCel allows Musashi to have priority rights to produce and supply solid state batteries with KeraCel’s 3D printed solid state battery technologies, provide power system solutions to electric motorcycle market and explore other potential market opportunities as well.

“Partnering with Musashi enables KeraCel to develop safe, high energy batteries for automotive market” said Robert Bagheri, CEO of KeraCel.

Musashi is a global Tier1 supplier for cars and motorcycles, based in Toyohashi, Japan. It has 33 manufacturing sites spreading across Europe, North and South America, China, and South East Asia making powertrain products such as Differential Assemblies, Planetary Gear Assemblies, Transmission Gears and Assemblies, and Reduction Gears for xEVs.

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