30kW auto-ranging supply adds energy-recovering DC load

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By Nick Flaherty

The Model PSB 10000 microprocessor controlled bi-directional supply supports two-quadrant operation in an efficient and easy-to-use instrument. Combining the features of a programmable source and regenerative programmable load into one 4U high unit frees up rack space and reduces generated heat all while recovering loaded energy back to the grid.

The PSB 10000 can be programmed to seamlessly switch between source and sink with no “off” time. When operating as the load, the device synchronizes with its 3-phase power input to recover upwards of 93% of the energy. When operating as a source, the unit has an efficiency of up to 93%, generating less heat in both modes. This provides further energy savings by reducing the cooling costs in the test environment.

The supply has a wide range 3-phase input voltage 342-528V, 45-66 Hz, with output voltage ratings of 60V to 2,000V and current ratings from 40A-1000A. The device includes a wide range of programmable functions to simulate complex testing such as electric vehicle load profiles, battery charging, PV simulation per EN 50530 and MPP tracking and others. Multiple PSB 10000 units can be operated in a master-slave configuration providing source/load capabilities up to 1.08 MW.

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