3-V supercapacitor provides ultra low ESR performance

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By Field Editor

The RoHS compliant VEP range, with ultra-low ESR, is a SNAP-IN type and currently available in 360 F and 500 F values utilising the standard 35 x 62 mm can size. VINATech engineers have redesigned the terminal lay out, commonly used in large cans are four pins, of which two are for stability but the VEP utilizes these additional Pins to attach.

The ESR is almost halved when compared to the conventional 3 V EDLC series 2.5 mR (VEC 4.5 mR) and power rating is increased to 250 A (VEC 200A) with no adverse effects to the Leakage current performance.

Standard operating range is -40ºC ~ +65ºC but the VINATech 3v series can operate at 85ºC when de-rated to 2.4 V.


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