3-Phase automotive variable speed inverter power module

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Fairchild Semiconductor recently announced the FTCO3V455A1 a 3-Phase, variable speed drive automotive power module. This device, intended for 3-Phase motor control applications, on 12-V car systems, under 2kW, allows designers to reduce the overall system cost of higher power applications. This includes electric power steering (column-mount and rack-mount), electro-hydraulic power steering, electric water pumps, electric oil pumps and engine cooling fans. The FTCO3V455A1 allows these applications to deliver higher torque outputs. Additionally, power modules are more cost-effective than traditional solutions when all aspects of the power stage design (interconnections, mechanical, electrical and thermal) are considered.

The FTCO3V455A1 automotive power module uses fewer components than discrete solutions and provides a compact system design that delivers better EMI performance. The integrated DC Bus high accuracy current sense resistor enables full control of the electric motor, while the NTC thermistor provides thermal protection. The module enables an extremely low electrical resistance path between the battery and motor, in addition to a complete separation of the control board from the high power stage. This provides high current handling capability at a reduced system cost. The module, measuring 44.00 x 29.00 x 5.00 mm, offers designers better EMC, over1.5KV in electrical isolation and lower motor ripple. Features include; ratings of 40V and up to 130A Iphase RMS (with Tsink up to 100C); and 1% tolerance DC Bus Current sensing and temperature sensing.

Available in APMCB-AP19 outline, the FTCO3V455A1 is priced at $57.25.

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