24 kW AC-DC power shelf for 48V systems

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By Nick Flaherty

The SPSTET4 System is a complete computer rack power system for CORD and Open Compute Project (OCP) applications, combining the SPSTET4 shelf with the TET4000 power module/supply, YSU.00210 PDU, ZLH.U1C00.0 cable harness set and NAC2006-01 controller.

The SPSTET4 System is designed for secure remote monitoring and is fully compliant to EMC and safety standards and carries the CE mark. The converter can operate in a fan cooled environment and uses digital controls for fan speed regulation. These devices are highly efficient with excellent dynamic response to load / input changes and low output voltage noise. This includes a 6-slot shelf, PDU and shelf controller for full remote control and monitoring of the system via SNMPv1/2c/3 through a 10/100 MB base Ethernet port.

Shelves are available for OCP V2 bus-bar style connection and the PDU fits into the OCP V2 4 kW rack opening and cables from the PDU to the shelf are available as well, making this a one-stop-shop V2 power solution. The converters are 4 kW each, hot swap capable and fully protected against over-current, -voltage, -temperature and reverse polarity. Features include active analogue current share for parallel and redundant operation, as well as secure remote monitoring with the SNMPv3 protocol via the Network Attached Controller hosted in the shelf.

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