2012 release of 3U high PV-Simulator-in-a-Box offers high-performance testing of PV inverters

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The TerraSAS single box simulator was designed to bridge the gap from a research and development environment to a production environment, while maintaining continuity of performance, accuracy and user interface.

AMETEK Programmable Power, through its Elgar brand of solutions, has supplied solar array simulators for more than 20 years for ground-based satellite test systems. Turn-Key TerraSAS Solar Array Simulators are available as single or multi-channel systems from 5 kW to 1 MW (80 V to 1500 V).

The TerraSAS PV-simulator-in-a-box will be available as single-channel 3U high 10 kW (1000 V) system and shipment will begin in early Q1 of 2012.

AMETEK is showcasing the TerraSAS PV-simulator-in-a-box for the first time at the 26th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference (Hamburg, Germany).

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