1U plug-in cooling unit offers up to 79% energy savings

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The housing made of a high-strength aluminium alloy features a high-quality look and a special design of the air vents. In addition to a variant for conventional installation in a 19″ cabinet, there is a slide-in version. Because of their modularity, the individual parts are compatible with the Heitec’s entire HeiCool line and extend the performance range. The HeiCool ECO plug-in cooling unit is equipped with an LED display that can be used to check the operating status at any time. A wide range of accessories completes the offering. Among other things, a thermostat with adjustable switch-on temperature as well as air guide panels for intelligent airflow guidance in the cabinet to avoid hot spots, for targeted cooling and further improvement of energy efficiency are available. The program also includes a fan monitoring system that reports potential failures as well as fan control for use in fan trays, featuring multiple functions such as temperature threshold setting, temperature excess alarm and status request via an integrated I²C-Bus. The AC voltage range of 230V is covered by default, but this can be easily converted if required. The HeiCool ECO can also be deployed as a retrofit option or for applications without their own ventilation.

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