15kW bi-directional supply in distribution

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By Nick Flaherty

The SM500-CP-90 is a constant power output supply that covers the output range of five separate power supplies with a traditional rectangular VI-curve.

The bi-directional power operates like an electronic load. Previously Delta’s power supplies would be equipped with an optional power sink capable of absorbing up to 10% of the total energy which was dissipated via internal heat sinks. Now, the power sink is standard and can sink up to 100% of the power without the need for dissipating lots of energy.

Fast response to load changes has been a challenge for a long time, especially when it comes to changing from positive to negative current and vice versa. Previously, for applications requiring source and sink devices, several solutions were offered such as pre-loads. The full integration of source and sink in one device is a neater and more efficient solution. The output voltage of a SM500-CP-90 recovers in 200µs after a load change from +90 to -90A and -90 to +90A.

The supply includes an Ethernet interface, built-in sequencer, digital control to adapt regulation to match load type and fine tune settings.



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