120A from a TO-247 package; Infineon’s TO-247PLUS for IGBTs

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The TO-247PLUS can be used in industrial applications such as UPS, welding, solar, industrial drives as well as automotive applications such as powertrain inverter to upgrade existing designs for higher power output or to improve the thermal conditions in the application consequently improving the system reliability and lifetime. The higher current capability of the TO-247PLUS allows for reducing the number of devices in parallel thus enabling more compact product designs.

The new package is designed for clip or pressure mounting to the heat sink. These mounting techniques ensure homogeneous distribution of pressure over the package, better heat conductivity and higher mechanical stability even under strong vibrations and mechanical shocks.

Due to the absence of the mounting hole the TO-247PLUS package may accommodate a 70% larger silicon die area compared to standard TO-247. Additionally, the 26% larger thermal pad area contributes up to a 20% lower thermal resistance Rth (jh) compared to standard TO-247. The TO-247PLUS package body has special “plastic trousers” to increase the creepage distance to 4.25mm – 2mm larger than the TO-247-3. The special plastic body compound of the TO-247PLUS package has tighter tolerances to clip pressure while a new bond wiring concept allows a DC collector current increase from 80A to 160A contributing to a better reliability and longer lifetime of the IGBT.



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