12- and 14-bit, 40 to 250-MSPS ADCs claims best dynamic range

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The ISLA212Pxx and ISLA214Pxx are 12-bit and 14-bit ADCs with maximum sampling rates of 130, 200 and 250 MSPS. The series offers the industry’s best signal-to-noise ratios for high speed 12- and 14-bit ADCs (over 73.0 dBFS at 14-bits and 70.5 dBFS at 12-bits for input frequencies up to 105 MHz) while consuming less than 450 mW from a single 1.8 V supply.

The devices use Intersil’s proprietary FemtoCharge technology, which enables very low power consumption without sacrificing the ADC’s dynamic performance. They increase accuracy and save power in high-performance data acquisition and instrumentation systems, communications test equipment, broadband or wideband communications systems, software defined radios and radar array processing equipment.

The ISLA212Pxx and the ISLA214Pxx are members of Intersil’s newest pin-compatible ADC family. Pin-compatibility allows customers to re-use designs developed with any ADC from the family, substituting another ADC with a different resolution or sample rate without modifying the hardware design. Design re-use simplifies system development, reduces design risk and speeds end product time-to-market. To further enhance a designer’s first-pass success, Intersil also provides dedicated product line applications support for all customers, large, medium and small.

Availability and Pricing

The ISLA212Pxx and ISLA214Pxx series are available now in a 10 mm x 10 mm, 72-pin QFN and will also be available in a 7 mm x 7 mm 48-pin QFN package.
Prices for these converters start at $24.55 each in 1,000-unit quantities.

More information about the ISLA212Pxx series ADCs at

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