100-W LED driver offers easily configurable constant current output

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By eeNews Europe

The L05060 features an easily configured constant current output, with the ability for the user to adjust the drive current between 700 mA and 2800 mA, and a maximum forward voltage of 60 V allowing series strings of up to 20 LEDs.

Cooling is a vital consideration in the design of LED luminaires, and one of the most innovative features of the L05060 is an input for a thermal sensor combined with an auxiliary 12 V output used to automatically control an active cooler.  If the temperature of the LED module continues to rise the driver will automatically reduce the current, and ultimately switch it off, preventing damage.  Once the operating temperature has returned to safe levels the drive current is automatically increased again.

The L05060 also features a 1-10 V dimming interface, low inrush current, a typical 92% electrical efficiency, 0.99 power factor, and four-fold protection (thermal, short circuit, over voltage and open circuit).

The power supply has long been considered the weak point of an LED luminaire, often failing to survive the claimed 50,000+ hour life of the LED itself.  Addressing this concern the L05060 is offered with Lumotech’s five year guarantee, in common with the rest of their LED driver range, offering users confidence and assurance in the long-life of these products.

The L05060 is available to order now.


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