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October 18, 2018 //By Abdelkader Birch
Maximizing power handling in HEVs and EVs with power magnetics
In Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs), the most common electronic architectures for On-Board Charger (OBC) converters with a power range of 1,8kW to more than 22kW are resonant converters like LLC topologies.

Premo offers combined magnetics solutions which integrate the resonant choke Lr, the parallel inductor Lp and the transformer. For example, an integrated magnetics solution can include two transformers and the resonant series inductor Lr split into two identical symmetrical parts at the beginning and the end of each primary winding. Figure 7 shows a real example with 2 x 11kW transformers with 2x7.5µH Lr chokes.

Fig. 7: Diagram of the kit-box Premo 2x (1/2 Lr +
Transformer 11kW +1/2 Lr) for a 22kW OBC.

Integrated magnetics use the common magnetic circuit of a transformer, a series resonant choke and the flux cancellation to increase power density and save cores.

Fig. 8: Sharing of a core in a combined magnetic component Lr + transformer.

As the power demand increases and EMI issues become more critical, the advantages of resonant converters with integrated magnetics are their soft switching of transistors that provide a higher operating frequency and open the door to GaN-transistors based sinusoidal power processing.

Fig. 9: Cross-section (left) and 3D view (right) of the integrated magnetics 11kW Lr + LLC transformer.

Fig. 10: Top view of the 2x (1/2 Lr +
Transformer 11kW +1/2 Lr).

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