Benefits of bespoke motor control centres

November 27, 2018 // By Pat McLaughlin
Benefits of bespoke motor control centres
A motor control centre is an assembly of one or more enclosed sections in a metal cabinet containing motor control units with a common power bus. It can also include variable frequency drives, programmable logic controllers and metering and can act as the service entrance for the building’s electricity.

Why an MCC?
Power distribution in large commercial and industrial applications can be complex, but with the help of a motor control centre (MCC), organisations can simplify the process.  
The main purpose of a motor control centre is to protect valuable electrical equipment. Using an MCC with the wrong specification can damage components, which may result in downtime. For this reason, it is important to purchase the right MCC to safeguard the rest of the system.
Possibly the most important factor to consider when purchasing an MCC is the space and environment that it will go into. If the location of the MCC isn’t considered early on, it can be tricky to get a standard, off the shelf MCC to meet the requirements of the remaining space.
Fitting the space
A bespoke MCC is the best way to get around spatial restrictions. A company can specify its technical requirements including how many starters are necessary and the dimensions of the available space. The MCC manufacturer can then create a suitable proposal.
Bespoke MCCs designed and built by Boulting Technology can fit into almost any space through innovative L-shaped, U-shaped and back-to-back designs. A genuine back-to-back MCC is often more cost-effective as well as having half the footprint, which makes a genuine difference, especially when space is limited.
Electrical equipment design is a complex process and each production space has different requirements. While back-to-back MCCs may be most suitable for some environments, a U-shaped MCC could work better for others. Only an experienced consultant will be able to provide an accurate recommendation of the best MCC design for the space at hand and process specific requirements.

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