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November 06, 2014 //By Mohamed Ismail
USB battery charging rev. 1.2: Important role of charger detectors
Mohamed Ismail of Maxim Integrated considers the role of charger detectors in the USB battery charging specification rev. 1.2:
time periods defined in the specification.

When you combine the charger detection and battery charging functions, you have smart battery switch control. This technology automatically switches from battery power to charger power when a charger is present. Consequently, some charger detector chips can both charge a battery and provide full-load current. Devices that do this also support thermal current regulation, which protects against dangerously high temperatures that result from simultaneously charging the battery and providing current to the load. By integrating charger detection and battery charging, the system designer can focus more on the end application and worry less about charging concerns.

Meanwhile, the USB BC1.2 specification continues to drive the electronics industry by providing a standard on which manufacturers can build upon. The large number of BC1.2-compliant chargers available today is only expected to multiply in volume. That fact alone makes incorporating a USB connector into a portable device an attractive option. With the use of charger detection ICs, the USB connector on a portable device becomes a versatile component. The built-in BC1.2 compliance keeps the implementation clean and simple to use. Whether designing a compact and portable product, the wealth of features accompanying charger detection ICs make them an extremely attractive integrated circuit.


1. This specification is identified now as BC1.2; see )

2. The phrase, “keeping up with the Joneses,” is an American English idiom. For some background on the history and evolving meaning of the phrase, see the Wikipedia entry at . Also The Phrase Finder at .

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6. See China Communications Standards Association , "Technical Requirements and Test Method of Charger and Interface for Mobile Telecommunication Terminal Equipment" (CCSA YD/T 1591–2006, later updated to YD/T 1591–2009). Also Telecommunications Technology Association of South Korea, "Standard on I/O Connection Interface of Digital Cellular Phone" TTAS.KO-06.0028 released in March

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