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September 16, 2011 //By Kendall Castor-Perry
Sample multiple channels 'simultaneously' with a single ADC
Kendall Castor-Perry (aka The Filter Wizard) explains that despite its title, this is indeed an article about a filtering technique. Using it, you can sample a number of analog input channels sequentially with a single ADC in such a way that the data appears to have been acquired at the same instant in time on every channel. It sounds like magic – but it's just Wizardry!
prototype, at an aggregate rate of 480 kHz. You can’t do that in your average microcontroller – even a fancy 32-bit one!

So, remember, you don’t need multiple ADCs just because you want data samples that behave like they were taken simultaneously across all channels. One single high quality ADC with a good input mux and some digital filtering Wizardry, and you’re all set. Hope we’re all aligned on that! / Kendall

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Kendall Castor-Perry is a Principal Architect at Cypress Semiconductor,doing mixed-signal system analysis and design for the new PSoC platform.  Kendall uses decades of experience in analog engineering, filtering and signal processing to capture signals across many domains, extract the information from them and do something useful with it.

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