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November 04, 2014 //By Michael Mueller
Power supply for mobile devices
Michael Mueller of congatec considers what to look for when selecting a power supply for mobile devices.
pack must be able to withstand high currents; the size of the charger is of minor importance. A conceivable solution is to have a second, backup battery that takes over in an emergency.

Service technician
The service technician, on the other hand, uses his mobile measuring instrument continuously throughout the working day. He has little opportunity and no time to recharge the battery in between jobs. A simple replacement battery is not an option either, as it would interrupt the series of measurements leading to a loss of data. A backup battery would be a better solution in this scenario. If the service technician places the measurement device into the charging unit after work, it can recharge slowly at low, battery-friendly currents. The main battery pack needs a high capacity, whereas a comparatively low capacity is sufficient for the backup battery. The mobile charger must be small and light.

How to find the right battery?
Simply designing large or oversized battery packs would be too expensive, too heavy and too bulky. It is therefore necessary to clarify some questions in advance. Which battery pack is suitable? What are the required dimensions? How many batteries should the device have? What Power Management concept is needed to achieve the targeted electricity savings? Which hardware parts can be switched off temporarily? How deeply can functions or parts of the system be put into sleep modes or D-States? Which charging concept suits the application? The answers to all these questions yield the overall concept for the power supply of the device. The power management and the entire power supply chain of a device used by an emergency doctor will differ greatly from one used by a service technician. There is no generally applicable solution because the requirements are simply too varied. RRC and congatec advise and assist OEMs in the choice of suitable battery packs and help with the design of the charging unit,

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