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November 04, 2014 //By Michael Mueller
Power supply for mobile devices
Michael Mueller of congatec considers what to look for when selecting a power supply for mobile devices.

boards and computer module function

The SBM3 is designed for input voltages from 8 V to 30 V and thus covers all common input ranges. For the application the SBM3 converts the input voltage to 12 V and two times 5 V. The reference design includes all possible options, and the conga-SBM3 Development Licence Kit provides all necessary information and documentation. This allows OEMs to design application-specific devices in a cost-effective way. For example, if a high input voltage of 30 V is not needed, hardware optimizations can reduce costs by up to a third.

Communication between SBM3 and carrier board

The SBM3 includes the STM32F100 32-bit ARM microcontroller. It communicates with both the battery and the COM’s onboard controller and forms part of the logical interface between the power management of the operating system with ACPI support (e.g. Windows or Linux) and the physical hardware. The ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) is the key element of the power management in the operating system. Before the introduction of ACPI, the power management functions and board-specific configurations were traditionally implemented in the BIOS. BIOS solutions were limited to static hardware configurations. The trend is now moving away from Advanced Power Management (APM) or BIOS implementations towards ACPI-compatible operating systems. By implementing ACPI, it becomes possible to equip any type of computer system at a reasonable cost with configuration and power management functions that previously were very close to the hardware in the BIOS. This gives the application itself access to these management functions via the operating system.

Table 1: Hardware signals

Intelligent load and charge distribution
Some industrial units contain two batteries. The second one can be a small backup battery that powers the system while the main battery is being replaced. It can also be a redundant battery with a similar high capacity that can be switched on as necessary. If a device has more than one battery,

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