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October 09, 2014 //By Jonas Kupp and David Lin
Position encoding in battery-powered electronics
Jonas Kupp and David Lin consider the benefits of position encoding in battery-powered electronics.
battery-buffered operation over several years.


As shown in two examples, position measurements using ULP 1-chip Hall encoders can be performed efficiently with direct battery operation or even during power failure. In the first case, measuring cycles are controlled and processed externally via a microcontroller. In case of power failure, the 1-chip Hall encoder iC-PV is fed through a backup battery. Changes are detected and saved so that they are available for transmission when external power returns. The complete integration of Hall sensors with the analog and digital evaluation circuitry in a 1-chip encoder is advantageous because solutions with extremely low current consumption (less than 10 µA) can be achieved with ULP design techniques.

[1] Energy-Harvesting Multiturn Counter/Encoder

[2] Sine/Cosine-to-Digital Conversion: Methods and Design Challenges (EDN 02/2014)

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