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December 16, 2013 //By Jason P Lee
Extending battery life in transportation and mobile applications with supercapacitors
Jason P Lee, Global Product Manager of Eaton Bussmann looks at how supercapacitors can be used to extend battery life in transportation and mobile applications.
as prominent as it is in transportation because users typically turn in their device every two years or so. What is important is the amount of time a battery can operate in between charges.

Without supercaps, cell phone and tablet batteries typically act like a shrinking tank of water. When these tanks are drained rapidly, they typically have less energy storage capacity. Over time, this diminishes the run time of the device.

Using a supercap in conjunction with a Lithium Ion battery in a mobile applications provides better regulation of the peak current. In doing so, peak current drain is better controlled and the energy capacity of the battery is preserved over a longer period of time.

There basically three configurations for using supercaps in a mobile application:

  • Parallel (similar to vehicle)
  • Separated
  • Smart

Connected in-line with the battery, the parallel setup features low-cost and simplicity. By separating the supercap from the battery, devices will have the longer battery life but it depends upon the application types. Each of the configurations deliver:

  • Longer device run-time on one charge
  • Smaller/thinner devices
  • Lower cost energy storage
  • Longer battery life
  • Reduction of high repeated charge/discharge currents

Testing of typical use case on a mobile device-- consumed 6W 40 seconds 40W 10 second-cycle—reveals the advantage of combining supercaps with a battery. The battery was drained of its energy in 0.4 hours but when a supercap was added, the system run time was improved to 2.12 hours, marking a 400 percent increase by limiting the battery discharge to a 1C rate.

The bottom line is that supercapacitors provide improved battery performance in mobile devices in compelling ways:

  • Effectiveness of adding supercapacitors to a Li-Ion battery has been shown for multiple power profiles.
  • Duty cycle and peak-to-baseline power profile are critical to the value of adding supercapacitors.
  • Supercapacitors offer a cost effective and volume effective way to significantly extend run time.
  • Supercapacitors are a long life,
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