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December 16, 2013 //By Jason P Lee
Extending battery life in transportation and mobile applications with supercapacitors
Jason P Lee, Global Product Manager of Eaton Bussmann looks at how supercapacitors can be used to extend battery life in transportation and mobile applications.

start discharges.

The Smart Start approach offers the flexibility to start an engine either off the battery or the supercap, or a combination of both. Because the starter receives a charge from the supercapacitor, it can operate at lower temperatures. Starting from supercap good to -40⁰F.  The Smart Start design is optimized for starting and system capability. A controller determines how much energy is pulled from the supercaps and it offers the longest battery life of the three installation schemes. Starting is also protected from house loads.

Comparing Supercaps to Batteries

The chart in Figure 4 below compares supercapacitor specifications against battery specifications.  Batteries in this chart represent a range of technologies, from the lowest performance lead-acid types to the higher performance Lithium-Ion.

Figure 4: A comparison of supercap technology versus battery technology demonstrates the differences between the two, especially in terms of cycle life and power density.

Supercapacitors can dramatically extend the battery life for a range of vehicles and they operate over a broader temperature range. Vehicle electrical systems can be optimized for reliability, cost and flexibility to meet the most pressing needs of the application area, whether it’s for 18-wheelers, boats, passenger vehicles or motor generators.
Designers of these systems should choose supercapacitors that deliver a long life-span and high reliability. One key parameter to consider in supercapacitor design is ESR performance. For transportation needs, lower ESR and performance over time translates to greater reliability and lower cost in the long term. Also, carefully consider weight, cost and temperature performance.
Cooper-Bussmann offers a range of supercapacitor solutions for engine starting from the XB series and XV series cells to the XVM Module.  They are designed to cover a range of applications in transportation applications and can be selected based on the electrical system requirements and battery types.
Supercaps Extend Run Time in Mobile Devices

In mobile devices, the issue of battery replacement is not

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