Adding a multi-cell battery system to single-cell designs: Page 5 of 5

March 22, 2013 //By Daniel Acevedo
Adding a multi-cell battery system to single-cell designs
Daniel Acevedo, applications engineer, Texas Instruments explains how a front-end power management unit enables system designers to continue using their single-cell-based designs, while increasing efficiency of subsystems needing higher input voltage.
efficiency and run-time while simultaneously minimizing time-to-market by enabling the reuse of an existing power design.

For more information download these documents:

  • TPS65090 Datasheet
  • TPS65090EVM-108 User’s guide (SLVU778), Texas Instruments, October 2012
  • TI Solutions for Tablets and eBooks (SLYY028C), Texas Instruments, 2Q 2012
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