Ground Bond or Ground Continuity?

October 01, 2019 //By SCI
Ground Bond or Ground Continuity?

Most manufacturers familiar with safety testing are well aware that a verification of the ground circuit on electrical products is necessary for safety agency compliance. In fact, verifying that the ground circuit of an electrical product is intact is required by most safety agencies as a 100% production line test (a test that must be performed on all manufactured units prior to shipment). What most manufacturers don’t know, however, is that there is more than one way to test a product’s ground circuit. While the Ground Continuity test has found a home in the majority of safety testing routines, more test engineers and technicians are discovering the benefits of the Ground Bond test.

An undeniable shortcoming of the Ground Continuity test is that it fails to verify the integrity of the earth ground conductor. This white paper explains why this is important! Download your free copy.

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