Zurich Instruments boosts impedance analyser with ZView output

January 12, 2017 // By Nick Flaherty
Zurich Instruments has boosted the usability of its MFIA Impedance Analyser with the addition of a ZView-compatible data output format.

ZView, from Scribner Associates in California, is the world’s most popular analysis software package for Impedance Spectroscopy. It provides class equivalent circuit modeling and data fitting, manipulation and visualisation. 

Customers of the MFIA can benefit from a preferential rate when purchasing ZView, enabling powerful equivalent circuit modeling of accurate impedance data right out of the box. 

The MFIA is a digital impedance analyser and precision LCR meter for impedance measurements in the frequency range from DC to 5 MHz. The MFIA provides 0.05% basic accuracy and a measurement range spanning from 1 mΩ to 1 TΩ with a startup time of 25s. The instrument has a high measurement repeatability and a small temperature drift.

The LabOne user interface on the MFIA offers a number of impedance and LCR measurement available without the need of any software installation, and the addition of the ZView compatible output allows data from the MFIA to be used to fit data to common circuits, produce details graphs, batch file processing and Kramers-Kronig (K-K) testing.

Scribner Associates’ hardware and software products are used by academic, private and government laboratories in the areas of fuel cell development and evaluation, battery and redox flow cell technology, corrosion science and engineering, electrochemical sensors and multi-electrode arrays.