Wireless charging coupling coils feature thin construction

December 07, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Molex’ PowerLife standard and custom wireless power coils use the company’s “NuCurrent” technology for plug-free device charging. The integrated wireless power coils feature an thin design and claim the highest power transfer efficiency (Q-factor) of any wireless charging solution on the market today.

PowerLife wireless power coils support low, high and proprietary frequencies, in standard and custom sizes. A high Q-factor results in lower heat generation and faster charging in a range of applications, including mobile phones, tablets, gaming systems, wearables and other consumer electronics, medical devices, furniture and in-vehicle transmitters.


Traditional wire-wound coils, Molex says, require wider electrical tolerances and can be bulky or difficult to integrate, especially into products that require thin designs or are intended for use in harsh environments. PowerLife wireless power coils withstand vibration, heat and humidity, to transmit power through air, wood, or any non-metallic surface.


Available in virtually any size, PowerLife coils accommodate single or multiple frequencies in one assembly for reduced component count. Molex manufacturing resources support different volume requirements. Off-the-shelf receivers with single and multiple frequencies can be provided for engineering evaluation and fast-to-market projects. PowerLife coils are available through distribution.


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Also see; https://youtu.be/IUnA0oxIhrs