Wireless charging at 20W for industrial designs

December 14, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Semtech has extended its LinkCharge wireless charging platform to higher-power industrial applications, claiming its LinkCharge 20 Series as the only inductive wireless charging system beyond 15 watts that is currently available.

The LinkCharge 20 Series includes two high-power wireless charging transmitter and receiver evaluation platforms for industrial applications supporting up to 20W using magnetic, inductive-based wireless charging technology. It is the only currently available inductive wireless charging system that supports up to 20W using a proprietary protocol for communication between the transmitter and the receiver. Industrial equipment manufacturers can use the LinkCharge 20 to test wireless power in next-generation applications such as power tools, appliances, medical instruments and automation systems. The company positions LinkCharge 20 as specifically tailored to industrial applications. Features include DC-DC efficiency at [up to] 85%; and a flexible, programmable firmware-based solution to accommodate the evolution of industry standards


The LinkCharge wireless charging platform provides a range of solutions to enable wireless power; as well as the in next-generation products for consumers, infrastructure and industrial applications. It includes the LinkCharge 20 Series it includes LinkCharge CT (counter top), an out-of-box-ready infrastructure wireless charging system for use in public, enterprise and consumer settings. The LinkCharge platform is, Semtech says, compatible with all major industry standards ensuring end products can quickly charge any wireless charging-equipped device even as the industry adoption continues to grow and evolve. The LinkCharge 20 Series evaluation products comprise TSDMTX-19V2-EVM and TSDMRX-19V/20W-EVM.


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