Wideband PLC chip supports up to 4Mbps for demand-response smart metering

March 08, 2017 // By Julien Happich
The Hybrii-LB GV7013LB announced by Greenvity Communications offers Wideband Power Line Communication (WB PLC) technology on a SoC, delivering raw data rate over the line up to 4Mbps to support demand-response and real-time control scenarios for energy-saving smart metering applications.

The GV7013LB can be configured to scale the upper frequency of the spectrum from 7MHz to 15MHz, allowing the chip to adapt to different regulations and environments in many countries. For instance, using OFDM technology across the 2 MHz to 12 MHz spectrum complies with requirements set by regulatory agencies in China and other Asian countries. The Hybrii-LB offers reliability and increases noise immunity in a system that enables long distance communications up to 1.5km. In addition, the Hybrii-LB chip integrates the proprietary relay algorithm as an option to extend range beyond 1.5km. The chip integrates a microprocessor for low power management and intelligent networking that can support up to 1,000 meters per network. It can be deployed inside smart meters, concentrators and data collectors. The Hybrii-LB chip is rated for use in the industrial temperature range, from -40 to +85ºC.

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