TI unveils new ultra-low-power MSP430 microcontrollers deliver more performance and higher precision

December 07, 2011 //By Paul Buckley
Texas Instruments Incorporated has introduced the MSP430F563x and MSP430F663x families adding more performance and features to its ultra-low-power 16-bit microcontroller portfolio. Developers can immediately take advantage of the microcontrollers’ larger memory, display capacity and analog peripherals, which enable high precision measurement and connectivity.

The F563x and F663x devices meet the needs of portable measurement applications, including blood glucose meters, pulse oximeters, blood pressure monitors, electrocardiograms (ECG), activity monitors and sensor hubs. Home automation and industrial applications requiring a user interface such as utility meters, remote sensing and thermostats also benefit from the ultra-low-power, high-performance capabilities of these MSP430 families. As part of the MSP430 portfolio, the F563x and F663x families are scalable to the entire series of MSP430F5xx and MSP430F6xx devices.
The USB Developers Package for MSP430 is a free software package containing all necessary source code and sample applications required for developing a USB-based MSP430 project. USB Personal Healthcare Device Class for medical devices is available as part of this download.  Rich real-time operating software (RTOS) support is also available with this device family. TI also provides an easy development platform for debugging and evaluation with the MSP-TS430PZ100USB and MSP-FET430U100USB development tools.

Availability and Pricing

The MSP430F563x and MSP430F663x devices range from $2 to $5 in 10K units. Production parts are immediately available.

More information about the MSP430F563x and MSP430F663x families at

MSP430F563x microcontrollers: www.ti.com/msp430f563x-pr-pf

MSP430F663x microcontrollers: www.ti.com/msp430f663x-pr-pf

MSP430 USB microcontrollers: www.ti.com/msp430usb-pr-lp

MSP430 5xx/6xx series microcontrollers: www.ti.com/msp4305xx6xx-pr-lp

MSP430 USB Developers Package: www.ti.com/msp430usbdevpack-pr-tf