Thermal management material for extremely thin spaces in distribution

March 09, 2017 // By Nick Flaherty
A highly-compressible, 200µm thick Thermal Interface Material (TIM) from Panasonic is in distribution to provide thermal stability up to 400°C with thermal conductivity up to 400W/mK.

The Soft-PGS 200µm graphite sheet is designed for use as a thermal interface material for IGBT modules and is available from Rutronik.

The TIM material reduces contact thermal resistance between rough surfaces in extremely thin spaces and enhances the thermal coupling between heat sources such as IGBT modules, and heat sinks. It features thermal stability of up to 400°C and high reliability against intense heat cycles (-55°C up to +150°C). Its thermal conductivity is guaranteed at 400W/mK for X-Y direction and at 30W/mK in Z direction. This very thin Soft-PGS sheet is easy to install, and has far lower labour and installation costs compared to thermal grease or phase change material. A wide range of standard sheets for different IGBT modules from various suppliers is available at Rutronik.