Super barrier rectifiers boost reliability in automotive applications

June 15, 2011 //By Paul Buckley
Diodes Incorporated has introduced the first devices in a family of Super Barrier Rectifiers (SBR) designed for automotive applications. With a lower forward voltage drop, improved avalanche rating and higher safe operating area (SOA) than alternative Schottky or ultra-fast diode alternatives, these rugged rectifiers enable automotive designers to increase the reliability of motor control, display panel and LED lighting circuits.

Utilizing Diodes' patented SBR technology, the AECQ101 qualified SBR20A60CTBQ, SBR30A45CTBQ and SBR3045CTBQ rectifiers handle output currents of 20 A and 30 A and are provided in the industry standard TO-263 package, while the SBR1045D1Q is rated for 10 A and comes in the slightly smaller TO-252 package.

The SBRs' low VF means circuit power efficiency can be improved and much cooler operation achieved.  The resulting improvement in reliability is further increased by the devices' higher reverse avalanche rating, that provides greater protection against transient voltage spikes and its lower reverse leakage that provides a higher SOA and guards against thermal runaway in high temperature operating conditions.

The automotive Super Barrier Rectifiers are priced from $0.45 each in 10k quantities.  

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