Streetlight delivers power to wireless access points, security cameras and IoT devices

April 06, 2018 // By Nick Flaherty
Orlando-based Solis Energy has developed a new light pole power tap designed for Smart City and Internet of Things (IoT) deployments.

The LPT140 provides convenient access power from streetlights for powering surveillance cameras, WiFi Hotspots, traffic monitors, IoT devices, decorative holiday lighting and more.

The LPT140 features integrated surge protection, a UV-resistant enclosure built to withstand extreme weather conditions and temperature variations, a locking quick-connect adapter for easy cable changes in the field, and a rubber gasket underneath to protect the light pole’s socket from weather. It is a rugged, utility grade component designed for reliable, long term use.

Streetlights and parking lot lights are ubiquitous and often the preferred location for deployments of IoT devices, communications equipment and security cameras,” said Solis Energy’s President Robert Reynolds. “The LPT140 allows for fast and easy installation of this equipment.”

The LPT140 is fully compatible with both ANSI C136.10 three conductor twist-lock photocell receptacles and ANSI C136.41 seven conductor twist-lock dimming photocell receptacles, and will not interfere with the functionality of photocell controllers.

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