Space saving MOSFETs deliver cooler running than larger packaged devices

May 10, 2011 // By Paul Buckley
Diodes Incorporated has introduced a portfolio of high performance MOSFETs packaged in the ultra-miniature DFN1006-3 package. Occupying 0.6 mm square of PCB area, the package takes less than half the board space of equivalent SOT723 packaged parts and, with a junction to ambient thermal resistance (Rthj-a) of 256 degrees C/W, supports a power dissipation of up to 1.3 W under continuous conditions, double that of comparable alternatives.

The resulting cooler running and space saving advantages of the MOSFETs coupled with an off-board height of only 0.4 mm make them well suited to thin profile portable consumer electronics, including tablet PCs and smart phones. Initially Diodes is offering both n-channel and p-channel devices with breakdown voltage ratings of 20 V, 30 V and 60 V for use in a variety of high reliability load switching, signal switching and boost conversion applications.

The 20 V rated DMN2300UFB4 n-channel MOSFET for example displays an Rdson performance of just 150 mΩ, more than 50% lower than competing solutions, helping to reduce conduction losses and power dissipation. Its p-channel companion, the 20 V rated DMP21D0UFB4 offers a similar class-leading performance. Electrostatic discharge ratings of these MOSFETs are also high, at 2 kV and 3 kV, respectively.

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