Silicon carbide modules boost power density

May 12, 2017 // By Nick Flaherty
LV100 X-series SiC modules
Mitsubishi Electric is to launch two silicon carbide (SiC) high voltage IGBT modules that provide the industry's highest power density.

The LV100 X-series HVIGBT modules will offer power density of 8.57A/cm , which Mitsubishi believes to be the highest on the market. This enables inverter systems to achieve increased power output and efficiency, as well as more flexible configurations and higher reliability for railways, power transmission and other large industrial application.

The seventh generation IGBTs use carrier stored trench-gate bipolar transistor (CSTBT) and Relaxed Field of Cathode (RFC) planar diodes to get the power density of 8.57A/cm 2

Three AC main terminals spread and equalize the current density to increase the inverter capacity and provide easy parallel connection for flexible configurations and capacities. Mitsubishi has also developed a new package structure for extra reliability by integrating the isolating plate and heat sink. This increases the thermal cycle lifetime for relatively long-term cycling of case temperatures and the lower thermal resistance increases power cycle lifetime for relatively short-term cycling of chip temperatures

The 450A and 600A modules measure 100×140×40mm 3 and provide an 6kV rms isolation and will be available in September 2017. Further SiC modules are planned.

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