SiC junction-barrier Schottky diode reduces equipment size

March 01, 2017 // By Nick Flaherty
Mitsubishi Electric has launched a silicon-carbide Schottky-barrier diode (SiC-SBD) that incorporates a junction-barrier Schottky (JBS) structure to reduce the power loss and physical size of power supply systems for photovoltaic power systems and air conditioners.

Using SiC for the BD20060T and BD20060S has improved energy conversion with 21% less power loss compared to silicon products says the company, enabling high-speed switching and smaller peripheral components such as inductors.

The junction-barrier Schottky (JBS) structure combines Schottky barrier with p-n junction for greater reliability. Both devices have a surge non-repetitive forward current of 155A (8.3ms, sine wave) and a diode forward voltage of 1.35V.

The 20A/600V BD20060T is packaged in a 10.1×29.0×4.7mm TO-220 and will be available in March. The BD20060S is packaged in a 15.9×41.0×5.0mm TO-247 and will be available in September. Specification 20A/600V.