Shakeup at Semitrex

February 09, 2017 //By Nick Flaherty
Californian power semiconductor company Semitrex has appointed new management to run the company which develops controllers for switched capacitor AC-DC converters and inverters.

A new board of directors with new president and CEO Harold Blomquist has been created along with a board of advisors, and existing key executives have been promoted to put in place an improved governance structure. Blomquist has experience at Inmos, GSI, AMI, ZMD, Tower, Morpho and Simtek. Jim Weaver, who has been with the company since its inception, remains chairman.

Semitrex's core energy efficiency technology takes a different approach to power conversion than traditional methods. Especially at low-load conditions, Semitrex technology can convert mains power worldwide to virtually any lower voltage with over 95 percent efficiency. Semitrex's capacitor-enabled MuxCapacitor voltage reduction technology allows efficienct energy conversion while the system is in power down (standby and vampire power) and lightly loaded operation.

Under the new managerial structure, Semitrex executives Roger Gabriel, Ken Harada and Randy Sandusky have been promoted as vice presidents of business development, system engineering and design engineering respectively. Gabriel joins from Honeywell, while Harada has worked at Maxim IC (formerly Teridian Semiconductor) and Broadcom.

 "It is now time to embark on the next phase -- commercialization -- of our business," said Blomquist. "Our executive team has been hand-picked for their ability to successfully take Semitrex into the future. In fact, our first chip is on track for sampling at the end of this quarter and we have a solid lineup of products on the roadmap. Semitrex is now well-positioned to deliver on its promise to change the way power conversions are made."

The company came out of stealth mode in 2015 and opened a London office in July 2016 to the company to modify its Muxcapacitor technology to create power inverters for the customers in the EU.