Saft cooperates with Nedap to deliver effective energy storage for residential solar power systems

April 27, 2012 // By Paul Buckley
Saft and Nedap, the Dutch manufacturer of intelligent technology solutions, have agreed to join forces to create effective energy storage systems, based on state-of-the-art lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery technology.

The energy storage systems will enable on-grid photovoltaic (PV) installations to make the optimum use of the solar power they produce.      

Saft Li-ion battery modules, designed specifically for energy storage in residential and commercial PV applications, in combination with Nedap's PowerRouter solar inverter with integrated battery manager, will be available this summer.     

Effective energy storage 'time-shifts' the peak power produced by PV systems during the middle of the day for use during peak demand periods, mainly mornings and evenings. This both maximizes local self consumption and enhances the value of the PV system as only surplus energy is exported to the grid.     

With this vision in mind, Nedap developed the PowerRouter, a solar inverter with integrated battery manager to make optimum use of self-generated energy.     

"As the market for renewable energy is moving rapidly toward grid parity, it becomes more interesting to optimize the consumption of self generated Solar Energy. Storing energy during the day for use at night becomes important for users who want to become independent from their energy supplier. Now is the moment that this technology becomes economically attractive for the customer due to the developments in the lithium-ion battery technology. The performance, long-service life and zero maintenance features of Saft's Li-ion technology is a perfect fit with Nedap's compact, easy to install, all-in-one system approach for our PowerRouter," said Joep Thomassen, Managing Director of Nedap Energy Systems.      

"We are seeing a significant shift in the PV market with feed-in-tariffs being reduced significantly and sometimes withdrawn completely. This is driving the growing interest in self-consumption and other electricity storage applications that can only be achieved with effective energy storage," said Francois Bouchon, Director of Saft's Energy Storage Systems business. "We have developed a range of Li-ion energy storage solutions, and working with high quality partners such as Nedap, who have a well established track record in the renewable energy industry, is the