Safety standard capacitors: X and Y rated for arduous mains duties

December 06, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Murata is expanding its rated voltage lineup with the introduction of a new series of safety standard certified ceramic capacitors including X1, Y1 and Y2 types. The new AC400V and AC500V rated capacitors have high impulse tolerance and are therefore suitable for use in large-scale equipment where high reliability is needed, such as solar cell generating systems and fully automatic machinery.

Additionally, Murata is releasing a group of capacitors with AC250V and AC300V ratings that are smaller in size than similar products from other companies, making them suitable for smaller equipments such as chargers for mobile phones.
Depending on the type and rating, approval standards embraced by the capacitors will include ENEC (VDE), UL, CQC, KTC, and IEC60384-14. 
Safety standard certified capacitors eliminate noise that originates primarily in commercial AC power lines, and are connected between power lines and also between chassis and power lines. 
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