Rugged switched capacitor DC-DC converter for PV systems and electric vehicles

December 05, 2018 // By Nick Flaherty
PhD student Zhengzhao He at Aston University in the UK has developed a high step-up DC-DC converter for photovoltaic and electric vehicle applications that need reliability.

The asymmetric flyback-forward DC-DC converter is used with a maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm alongside a modular switched-capacitor DC-DC converter. This allows the converter to operate even with transistor and capacitor open-circuit faults in every module, making is suitable for applications where reliability is key such as electric vehicles and solar panels. 

The results from simulations and tests of the asymmetric DC-DC converters have suggested that the proposed converter has a 5% to 10% voltage gain ratio increased to the symmetric structures among 100W – 300W power range while maintaining efficiency of 89%-93% when input voltage is in the range of 25 – 30 V.  Using a softswitching technique significantly reduce the power loss by 1.7%, which exceeds the same topology of the proposed converter without the softswitching technique.

The modular architecture can be easily extended, limited only by the current ripple on the input source, which would increase by around 25% for a four module design.


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