Programmable power management IC handles dual Li-ion batteries

January 03, 2017 // By Graham Prophet
ams (Premstaetten, Austria) has posted details of its latest PMU (power management unit, or PMIC) designed to supply a range of microcontroller-based systems. The AS3716 power management unit bundles three buck DC/DC converters, two buck controllers, eight LDOs (low-dropout regulators), two boost converters and a general purpose analogue-digital converter.

The IC is a compact system PMU supporting two Li-ion batteries and up to 15 power rails and offering advanced power management functions. It is configured to supply all ICs and peripherals in a typical battery powered mobile device. The boost converters are designed with specific functions in mind; there is a 5V HDMI booster, and a HV backlight boost controller with three current sinks. Of the eight LDOs, four are low-noise (250 mA, with the remainder at 300 mA).


Included on the AS3716 is a linear or switch mode Li-ion battery charger with constant current and constant voltage operation. The IC is configurable by one-time-programmable memory (OTP) to control the ramp-up sequence of the various output power rails.


Features include;

- OTP programmable boot sequence

- DC/DC controller for remote power generation and heat distribution

- Dual charger power path and DC/DC charger mode

- HDMI boost, backlight boost and HV sinks (3x 40 mA)

- 4 MHz DC/DC bucks, supervisor, general purpose IOs, ADC


ams offers a range of reference designs that target a range of processor cores, notably ARM Cortex cores from numerous vendors.