Power inductors for high frequency applications are 30 percent smaller

March 08, 2011 // By Paul Buckley
The Alpha-Core Division of Bridgeport Magnetics Group Inc. has introduced a line of high power inductors for high frequency applications with a minimum 30% size and weight reduction using high performance gapped amorphous ribbon cores instead of conventional cores of silicon steel or powdered iron.

Alpha-Core’s new amorphous core power inductors combine high inductance and current levels with low losses at frequencies in the 20 KHz range. High wattage switching mode power supplies   benefit from the compact design and much reduced weight. Other applications include power factor correction and harmonics filtering in UPS systems, variable frequency inverters and on-grid solar and wind power systems.

Alpha-Core power inductors are box shaped and fully encapsulated in black epoxy resin. The insulation system is class F (155C). The two leads exit from the short end.   Initially Alpha-Core offers inductance values ranging from 100 uH to 5,000 uH and RMS current ratings up to 60A.


Prices start at $25.00.

Visit www.alphacoredirect.com