New small package for high voltage intelligent power devices targets fan motors

March 08, 2017 // By Nick Flaherty
Toshiba Storage & Electronic Devices has launched a range of high voltage intelligent power devices (IPDs) in small-size packages for use in various brushless fan motors including air conditioners, air cleaners and pumps.

The 600V/2.5A TPD4204F and the 500V/2.5A TPD4206F use  a newly developed small-size surface mount SOP30 package that measures 20.0mm x 14.2mm. It has approximately only half the mounting space of Toshiba’s current DIP26 package, which can contribute to smaller and thinner designs.

The TPD4206F integrates six MOSFETs, a driver IC and protection functionality into a single, 30-pin package providing integrated sine and trapezoidal wave motor control. This is aimed at low power, low noise motion control applications including industrial fans and pumps and domestic appliances with power ratings up to 80W. High-efficiency operation comes from a combination of ultra-low typical on resistance with an RDS ON of 1.7Ω and improved package thermal resistance.

On-board functionality includes over-current, under-voltage and thermal shutdown protection and a typical recovery time (trr) of 90ns allows the device to meet a wide range of high-performance motion control requirements.

Designers can combine the new HV-IPD with microcontrollers and other driver ICs depending on the needs of the target application. Toshiba also offers an evaluation board that allows engineers to quickly prototype and test designs based on the IC. 

Rating Part Number Feature Protection Package
6-input PWM and
rotate pulse
250 1 TPD4151K - - DIP26
500 1 TPD4142K - -
TPD4146K -
TPD4123K - - -
TPD4123AK - - - -
2 TPD4144K - - -
TPD4144AK - - - -
2.5 TPD4206F - - - SOP30
3 TPD4135K - - - DIP26
TPD4135AK - - - -
600 0.7 TPD4152K - - DIP26
TPD4152F - - HSSOP31
2.5 TPD4204F - - - SOP30
5 TPD4207F - - -
  • OC: Over-Current / OT: Over-Temperature / UV: Under-Voltage
  • VBB: Power Supply Voltage (V)
  • IOUT: Output Current (DC) (A)

The devices are currently shipping. For more information see