New Kelvin contactor supports high power applications

May 04, 2012 // By Paul Buckley
Multitest is launching the company's latest Kelvin contactor which is a state-of-the-art solution for high-power applications of 500+ Amperes.

Current market requirements are driven by energy efficiency, energy harvesting, green energy application, mobility and more. Typically, this application can be found for MOSFET, drivers, IGBT, power modules, and power packages such as TO, SO and DIP.

The ecoAmp was developed specifically to respond to the challenging requirements of high voltage/high current test. In order to achieve equal current symmetry over I/Os within the contactor, the contacting resistance needs to be held low and stable. Resistance stability is influenced by the contact spring itself AND the condition of the device pin.

Additionally, testing at high temperatures up to 175°C is required, especially for automotive applications. Therefore, the contactor must be able to stand the high thermal stress and support temperature stability during test. Thermal energy dissipation requires thermal management within the contactor.

The ecoAmp is designed for an electrical performance of 500+ Amperes with a maximum inductance of 4.5 nH for 0.5 mm pitch. ecoAmp is applicable for the complete temperature range from -60 to 175°C. Based on volume production-proven Multitest Cantilever technology, the ecoAmp claims excellent mechanical performance with a lifespan of 1 million insertions.

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