High-voltage DC input power supplies to meets new UL and IEC regulations

August 03, 2012 // By Paul Buckley
PULS UK has launched two QS10 models designed to meet tough new UL and IEC regulations which will affect the input fusing of DC input circuitry.

Until now many have used AC products in high voltage DC circuits, particularly with 110 VDC battery systems. The new regulations require fusing on both the positive and the negative input (AC power supplies generally have fusing on the live only) and that these are DC, not AC fuses. This does not affect higher voltages (220VDC) but some manufacturer’s data sheets still specify power supplies for lower input DC applications without explaining that this cancels the UL and IEC approval. Under the new legislation, with 110VDC systems, all input fuses will have to be approved for DC applications.

Both the new QS10 units have high-quality UL and IEC approved DC input fuses included as standard making the approval of systems, including those using multiple units, straight forward.

The QS10.241 – D1 delivers an AC input of 100-240 V or DC 110-300 V and an output of 24 V, 10 A while the QS10.481-D1 gives an AC input of 100-240V or DC 110-300 V and an output of 48 V, 5 A.

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