GaN FETs cut size in half with performance boost

March 15, 2017 // By Nick Flaherty
Efficient Power (EPC) has cut the size of its latest enhancement-mode gallium nitride on silicon (eGaN) power FETs in half while boosting the performance.

The 7 mΩ, 100 V EPC2045 and 10 mΩ, 200 V EPC2047 eGaN FETs are aimed at single stage 48 V to load Open Rack server architectures, point-of-load converters, USB-C, and LiDAR. Wireless charging, multi-level AC-DC power supplies, robotics, and solar micro inverters.

The EPC2045 cuts the die size to under 4mm2, half that of the previous EPC2001C eGaN FET. The 200 V, 10 mΩ EPC2047 eGaN FET also cuts the size in half so that it is now about 15 times smaller than equivalently rated silicon MOSFETs.

The chip-scale packaging handles thermal conditions better than the plastic packaged MOSFETs since the heat is dissipated directly to the environment with chip-scale devices, whereas the heat from the MOSFET die is held within a plastic package.

“We are very excited about how our innovative gallium nitride technology used in the development of these eGaN FETs is changing the industry,” said Alex Lidow, EPC’s co-founder and CEO. “These new products demonstrate how EPC and gallium nitride transistor technology is increasing the performance and reducing the cost of eGaN devices for applications currently being served by MOSFETs. Further, advancements in EPC’s GaN technology will continue to enable new end-use applications that go beyond the capability of silicon devices. These products are evidence that the performance and cost gap with MOSFET technology continues to widen.”

There are three development boards available to support easy in-circuit performance evaluation of the EPC2045 and the EPC2047, respectively. The EPC9078 and EPC9080 support the 100 V EPC2045, whereas the EPC9081 features the 200 V EPC2047.